The Revised National Budget 2018

This page contains information in English about Norway's Revised National Budget for 2018, presented to the Storting as Report no. 2 (2017-2018) on 
15 May 2018. The Revised National Budget presents the Government's programme for the implementation of economic policy and projections for the Norwegian economy.

Norwegian Ministry of Finance

Siv Jensen
Minister of Finance
May 2018

Information in English

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Tax policy proposals in the Revised Budget

In the Revised Budget, the Government proposes some tax changes. In total, the proposals are estimated to be about revenue neutral in 2018. The proposals include amendments to the taxation of some benefits in kind, reduced excise tax on beer from small breweries and exemptions from registration tax and VAT for snowmobiles and ATVs in reindeer husbandry.

In addition The Government proposes new alternative tax rules for non-resident workers. The new tax scheme will simplify the tax process and ensure more correct taxation of this group.